Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

10 Best Books with Ben

One of the many privileges I have as a father is reading with Ben. We started reading chapter books together when he was three and despite growing into a voracious reader, he still lets me read to him at nearly 10. At every moment, Ben is in the middle of three books - one alone, one with Lori, and one with me. We've now read over 75 chapter books together (yes, we're list people) and I thought today would be the perfect day to post my favorites. I will be forced to cheat a bit by counting a few series only once.

10 Favorite Books with Ben

10. The Number Devil - An incredibly original and creative mathematical adventure by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. (Age 9+)

9. The Mouse and the Motorcycle - One of our very first books, and a perfect book for a young boy, by Beverly Cleary. (Age 4+)

8. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh - A clever book where engineers are the heroes, by Robert O'Brien. (Age 6+)

7. Stuart Little - Beautifully written by E.B. White. (Age 5+)

6. The Chronicles of Narnia - The classic series by C.S. Lewis. (Age 7+)

5. The Great Brain - Seven books by John D. Fitzgerald that were my favorite growing up. (Age 6+)

4. Summerland - A fantastic book about baseball, aliens, and saving the universe by Michael Chabon. (Age 8+)

3. Shiloh - Three books about a boy and his dog, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. (Age 7+)

2. The Cat Pack - Four books about the adventures of two cats, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. (Age 4+)

1. Rascal - One of my favorite books of all-time, by Sterling North. We now read this together as a family as part of our Christmas traditions. (Age 7+)