Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

10 Really Bad Rock Band Break-up Puns

Can you find your favorite group below?

10. There will be no more tears...and no more fear...I'm leaving the band.

9. At least wait til' Wednesday!

8. I'm done talking...this head is out of here

7. I'm sorry, but this Leopard has changed his spots

6. Sorry brothers, but we're just way too out of sync

5. It's just not nirvana for me's barely even alright

4. Who is going to want to see 9,999 maniacs?

3. This isn't about The Who, it's about the why

2. Without U, there is no U2

And the #1 Really Bad Rock Band Breakup Pun is ...

1. I'm afraid I'm just not carved out to be a Pumpkin