Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

10 Things I can't wait to do when I finish the book

I love writing a book. I really, really do.

Well, mostly.

I have no problem admitting that it's hard. I struggle, get tired, and run out of things to write.  Then ideas start flowing, Lori and Ben offer their enthusiastic and sweet help, and I read a cool blog post that reminds of the impact this book could have.

This isn't a post about writing a book, but I'll throw in three things I've learned. First, writing a book in your spare time without any changes in your professional life takes a huge amount of effort and may be an indication of mental imbalance. Those of you who do it with such speed and focus have my complete admiration. Second, ubiquitous wireless internet access is a very bad thing if you have any interest in focusing on what you're doing. Third, writing blog posts is good, but incomplete, preparation for writing a book. Blogging encourages short to medium-length, self-contained, and somewhat simplified thoughts. It's hard to build a book out of that.

The book has been an incredible privilege and challenge, but with the deadline just 10 weeks away, I can start imagining what it will be like to have a life after 8pm and on the weekends (a mid-30's married life to be exact). Here's what I think about while I'm going to sleep.

10 Things I can't wait to do when I finish the book

10. Learn new skills

This is actually for work, but I really enjoy learning server and database command line management and it's been killing me to not have more time to invest in it.

9. Watch more movies with Lori

It's easy to take this one for granted, but I can't remember the last time I watched a movie without that moment when it hits me that I should be doing something else.

8. Go on vacation

Not a vacation from one kind of work to do another kind of work, but a real vacation.

7. Sleep more

It will be fun to go to bed whenever it sounds like a good idea. Sometimes it feels like I have homework every night.

6. Celebrate

Once I'm convinced that a lawyer from Jossey-Bass isn't going to show up and ask for their money back, I'm sure I'll have fun with some of it. And I know we'll have a nice celebration, too.

5. Read the Wall Street Journal every day

I subscribed in a fit of vacation-induced enthusiasm, but have since had to suspend my subscription until the book is finished. I loved it for those brief few weeks. Lori and I even got to share the Saturday edition over coffee like Paul and Jamie. I can't wait to start again.

4. Blog more

Writing a blog post is so much more fun now. There's no pressure and you get immediate feedback. I've had an endless number of ideas about things to write about it, but they've had to wait.

3. Watch every moment of the World Cup

I love national soccer! Lori, Ben, and I actually went to the recent U.S. National Team match in Frisco. It was our chance to prove that we still have some midwestern blood in us as we were forced to sit outside for 2 hours with the temperature hovering around 30 degrees. We loved it (yes, even Lori). Feel the cold.

The World Cup will dominate the month of June in the Bailey house (well, that and our 14th Anniversary).

2. Read books

I haven't read a book since I started writing one and miss it terribly.

1. Be a better dad

Work. Book. Work. Book. Work. I think that's all Ben has heard about for the past seven months. Lori and I have actually done quite well through this whole process - she's an incredible woman,  her job has been intense as well so we've had that to share, she's been a huge help with the actual writing, and she doesn't go to bed at 9:00.

Ben, on the other hand, gets me during the few short hours between day job and night job - not exactly when I'm at the top of my game! I look forward to being with him beyond just sharing a fun show or movie. He's so much fun to be around.

It's going to be an exciting 10 weeks...followed by an incredible summer (really Ben, I promise)!