Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

10 years of the blogging revolution

Interesting post by Dan Farber on the first 10 years of blogging and the wonderful and equally frustrating impact it has had. In April, Dave Winer will celebrate 10 years of blogging, which was the impetus for the article. Dave was the first blogger I ever read and I actually launched Leave It Behind officially on April 1, 2004 because I thought my blog should share a birth date with the site that inspired me.

Blogging is a democratizing force on a large scale; the tools of production for personal expression are in the hands of the masses.

Farber estimates "about 70 million blogs have been created–tens of thousands per day sprout up." More and more, I'm coming across people who are starting blogs or moving their blog in a new direction after reading The Blogging Church. It's an honor to play a small part in new people joining the conversation. Doug Dale wrote:

Reading Brian Bailey’s book The Blogging Church was my inspiration. It helped me with some of the “how” of blogging, but more importantly it helped me with the “why”. If I can keep the “why” in mind, I think my blogging experience can be more of what I had hoped for.

Check out the book, particularly if you are involved in church leadership, and learn how blogging can be one more tool to communicate with people both inside and outside your church.

Stop by Doug's site and say hello. Here are a few other links to recent reviews and comments:

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