Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

15 years ago today

Ccbarrington When you get married, you try to imagine what the future might be like. Of course, what makes life so much fun is you really have no idea, and the last 15 years are proof of that. If you had told us in 1992 that in 15 years we would live in Texas (a state we had never visited), have an 11-year old son (we always thought we'd have a girl), and have web careers (a year before the first version of the Mosaic browser), we would have never stopped laughing.

And the great thing is, through it all, we haven't stopped laughing!

There is not a man in the world who is more blessed than me (not that it's a competition or anything). Anyone who knows Lori knows she is a brilliant, beautiful, sweet woman who radiates joy in every situation. And everyone who knows Ben always looks at Lori and I like we've somehow found a loophole in the parenting charter that exempts us from having to do any work - he's the most creative, clever, content, and fun to be around person I've ever known.

In May, we actually celebrated the 20th anniversary of our first date! Lori and I were high school juniors in Lake Orion, Michigan. We went to see The Secret of My Success at Oxford Twin Cinemas (which apparently still exists, now with 7 screens). At the end of that night, Lori was convinced we would never be more than friends, while I told my mom, "This might be the girl I marry!"

I thank God everyday that I was right!