Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition



» iPhoney: An iPhone web simulator for designers. Free, nicely done and very handy way to see how your site will look on the iPhone. The nearby screenshot is an example (iPhoney uses the Safari engine and is currently Mac-only). [via 37signals]

» The next time I work up an image for this blog, I hope to be using Skitch - a new Mac app for quickly and easily working with images and sharing them. A private beta at the moment, but boy do they have some good buzz going. "I can say this is the coolest thing I have seen at Macworld that isn't an iPhone." "I’ve been using Skitch for a couple of months now and couldn’t live without it." Don't miss the great video overview, complete with a groovy soundtrack. 

» Dave Winer: "The business of the valley is not publishing. It is not advertising. It is not retailing. It is not pet food. It is cool packages of technology that thrill people with empowerment and novelty."

» An hour-long conversation with Rick Warren and Ed Young on evangelism. Outstanding!

» The final word on Bloomberg: Aiming for the gold, with gold from The Economist.

"Ross Perot, a Texan billionaire who made an independent run in 1992, reached nearly 40% in the opinion polls before people suspected he was nuts, observes Charlie Cook, a political analyst. Mr Bloomberg is obviously sane and competent, though no rousing speaker. In a three-way race against flawed opponents, he could win."

» The fantastic trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. We in the Bailey household are counting the days to the movie and the final book.

» Blogging Toolbox: A collection of over 100 links to nearly every blogging resource imaginable.

» Sunday afternoon on Fox Soccer Channel (thanks, Verizon!): USA vs. Mexico in the Gold Cup Final, live from sold-out Soldier's Field in Chicago.