Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


» Happy 4th of July!

» Skitch is a great image app for the Mac. It's in limited beta right now, but thankfully my son got an invite and was able to hook me up. My first few uses have been sublime. I have 2 invites to share if anyone is interested.

» Apple release iPhone development docs. Lots of good information on best practices for developing apps for the iPhone. Mark Bernstein shares his thoughts.

» FreeBurner for Everyone. Following Google's acquisition of RSS feed company FeedBurner, many features are now free!

» A very simple overview of vi, my favorite terminal-based editor. [via lifehacker]

» Ben Arment: Five questions to ask when you can't see God at work.

» The 26 Amazon reviews of The Blogging Church have gone missing. Hopefully, it's temporary!