Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


» My son Ben is hilarious. We were talking about the iPhone today and he said he's sure Microsoft will come out with a competitor — they'll call it the microPhone!

» The Blogging Church review crisis on Amazon appears to be resolved. All 26 reviews are now back online. Apparently the return of the reviews has led to a run on the book as Amazon is showing only 3 in stock. You've been warned :)

» Many of you continue to post very kind comments about the book. I really appreciate the feedback! Brent Hodges gave the book one of the nicest compliments I've read:

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this book. I knew going into this book that I was in for a lot of great information and disciplines in creating and maintaining a blog. I did not expect how creatively it was written. I think we have certain expectations for "how-to" books and this one surpassed my expectations. [emphasis added]

He also appreciated the "the hopeful message from start to finish," which was honestly one of my goals. Thanks, Brent!

» Movable Type 4 gets more interesting all the time. As a blogging and community platform, this looks like it's going to be outstanding. In addition to enterprise versions, the software is now available as a free, open source project.

» In the sporting world, the USA shocked Brazil 2-1 in the Under-20 World Cup. It was a terrific match to watch. And tomorrow morning, Roger Federer faces Rafael Nadal in the men's final at Wimbledon. Should be a classic.