Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


» A major new release of Backpack from 37signals is on its way. The first preview has been posted, which means the launch is nearing. I can't wait to see how my favorite app will be improved! 

» Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations, has some great thoughts on where blogging fits in the current conversation, which is dominated by Facebook, MySpace, twitter, and endless alternatives.

Blogs have become part of everyday lives for millions of people. The blogs are not the revolution.  The conversation is the revolution, and the tools for online conversation keep getting better and more diverse and that is how it should be.

»  Robert Scoble: Why Facebook, why now. Scoble has been posting a series of insightful pieces on Facebook that puts the current phenomenon in focus, but more importantly, shows where the social space is going (or should be). This post covers everything from what a real Facebook advertising platform would look like to how Facebook compares to LinkedIn. If I was a Wall Street analyst assigned to social media, I'd be praying my boss doesn't discover Scoble's blog and start wondering what he's paying me for.

» The best post I've seen on why the HTML/Javascript approach to building iPhone apps is a really bad idea - thorough, passionate, and entertaining. [via Scoble's link blog]

I don't trust any "SDK" made by a company that won't use it themselves. 

» Ben Arment is posting some really thought-provoking, raw stuff this week. Not your typical blogging pastor update on how good the numbers were this weekend.

» The twitter/Typepad widget is good, but it doesn't support links, which makes it a bit less useful. I assume it will be a quick fix.