Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


The last day of September brings more interesting reading material than there is time. Pick and choose wisely and enjoy your Sunday!

» The Tsar’s Opponent: Garry Kasparov takes aim at the power of Vladimir Putin. One of the most fascinating pieces I've read in months. The New Yorker's David Remnick has written a terrific profile of the former world chess champion and Putin's Russia. Kasparov retired from competitive chess to lead a campaign for democracy in Russia and is one of the most interesting people in public life. If you haven't seen the chess documentary (surely one of the dullest 2-word combinations in history) Game Over, about Kasparov's match against IBM's Deep Blue, I highly recommend it. Kasparov also just published a new book, How Life Imitates Chess.

Update: Kasparov has officially entered the presidential race to replace Putin.

» NYT review of Wes Anderson's new film, The Darjeeling Limited. Anderson is one of my favorite directors. There is also a 13-minute prequel available on iTunes, Hotel Chevalier.

» In Love With Pop, Uneasy With the World. Interesting profile of Bruce Springsteen and his new album, Magic.

» Overview of Fred Thompson's career in the Senate. It appears that he is yet one more Republican presidential candidate who is campaigning as someone very different from who he was before he decided to run. Mitt Romney is a committed social conservative, Rudy Giuliani loves country music and guns (not opera and gun laws), and John McCain favors large tax cuts and is on good terms with the evangelical right.

» 37signals is sharing answers to some excellent questions. Check out How do you keep up with new technology? and Pressure to grow?

» SmugMug is one of the best photo hosting sites around. If you're part of a non-profit, your organization qualifies for a free pro account to share your story in photos. What a great (and generous) idea.

» Pixelmator, a brand-new Photoshop alternative for the Mac, is now officially available. Just $59, absolutely gorgeous, and built on top of some rock solid open source tools.