Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


Thanks to some timely promotion and viewers like you, the book reached an Amazon sales rank of #205 yesterday evening, nearly breaking the Top 200. In my wildest dreams, I never thought the book would reach that high. It was also #10 in Computers & Internet (take that World of Warcraft Strategy Guide!) and #31 in Religion & Spirituality. I don't expect it to remain quite so high for very long, so I thought I should document the occasion. Jossey-Bass also reported recently that the totals from the first two weeks were way beyond their expectations.  I couldn't be more blessed, and am so thankful to God for every part of this process. It's truly been a God-thing from beginning to end.

Since the sales rank numbers are updated hourly, I'm sure the book will quickly adjust to more reasonable level and I can return to thinking about more important things. Like the fact that Ben talked to a girl on the phone last night (o.k., it was about the Wii, but still). In the meantime, thanks for making the launch a success!