Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

3 Interviews

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for three podcasts over the past week. The first one was with DJ Chuang of Leadership Network. It was great talking to DJ after reading his blog for so long. You can listen to the interview here.

Next, I spoke with Jay Kelly with WiredParish, a Christian podcasting network. Jay really knows his stuff and fired a lot of great questions. I knew I had to do the interview when I learned that Jay is pursuing a PhD in philosophy (my college major) and when he referenced The Ramones in a post. How could I say no?

The final interview was with Harold Check of Six Apart for the TypePad Books Podcast. Each month, they interview one of the many book authors who use TypePad. I was honored to be chosen - recent podcasts have featured Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba, Seth Godin, and Chris Anderson. Harold is a great guy and it was a fun interview. I love when people outside of the church world get exposed to the book, not because it will help sales (which I doubt), but just so people might hear and think about church in a different way.

The TypePad and WiredParish interviews should be online later this week.