Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

30 Days

A new season of 30 Days started this week, the show on FX by Morgan Spurlock, the man behind the documentary Super Size Me.

The one-hour show follows a person spending 30 days in an environment completely unlike their own, with people who do not share their beliefs. Essentially, it's an fish-out-of-water experience. It's also one of the best shows on television.

The first episode focused on immigration, placing a man determined to protect our borders with a family of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles. It's incredibly moving, powerful, and eye opening. The episode will air again on Monday and Tuesday, so find a way to watch it.

The rest of the season looks to be very interesting. The topics may sound sensational, but the show is immensely fair and does not pursue or celebrate conflict.

Episode 2: Outsourcing. A software engineer who lost his job to outsourcing spends 30 days in India working at a call center.

Episode 3: Atheist. An atheist spends 30 days with a couple who attends McKinney Fellowship Bible Church (in the Dallas area) and participates in the life of the church.

Episode 4: New Age. An angry, skeptical salesman is exposed to various mediation and inner peace techniques.

Episode 5: Abortion. A strong pro-choice woman spends 30 days living and working in a pro-life maternity home.

Episode 6: Jail. Morgan himself spends 30 days in a jail in Virginia, including 72 hours in solitary confinement and 15-hour shifts in the kitchen.

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