Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

5 weeks off

It's fun to be blogging again after my five week sablogical. That's the longest I've gone without blogging since I began three years ago. It was great to focus on the last month of school, spend a bit more time with the family, learn some new things, go on an awesome trip with Ben, and finally train my mind to stop wondering if what I'm currently doing, reading, watching, or thinking would make a good blog post!

Of course, I visited the blogosphere every so often to see how the neighborhood was holding up. Just like a physical vacation, a virtual vacation helps you appreciate what you have and the people you know. Being away for this long, I can't help but realize how little of the daily froth and stir of men and things (the one line from Tocqueville I always remember) truly matters. Arguments come and go, heated debates reach a bitter end, blogs start and fade away - if you miss a few, there are always more just around the corner. I think it's a healthy thing to achieve a certain detachment from that.

On the other hand, I value even more those few voices that are constantly challenging me to look at things differently, introduce me to new ideas and people, and just want to share this amazing and always fascinating life with anyone who is willing to listen.

I'm up for that.