Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

A Few Good Blog Tools

I recently wrote about the text editors I am researching and received some great feedback. On the Mac, I am focusing on TextWrangler, Vim, and TextMate (a rising, inexpensive BBEdit competitor). [Side note: for obsessive text editor fans, here's an O'Reilly article that covers most options.]

I thought I would continue to take advantage of my many smart and helpful readers by discussing another product we're researching: multi-user weblog tools. Currently, most employee blogs are hosted externally by either Typepad or Blogger. In the near future, we would like to host blogs on each of our sites, as well as incorporate blogs within an intranet. We'd prefer an open source, Linux-based solution that would allow us to use PostgeSQL on the backend and LDAP integration. Here is an article on the major options.

Movable Type would seem to be a logical choice given our love for Typepad, but I'm amazed at how rarely I hear from people who love it. WordPress has many fans, despite the recent spam controversy. Serendipity looks like an excellent blogging system built in PHP, as does Textpattern. And Blogsxom is about to be incorporated into Apple's new server OS.

I'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations.

[Update: OpenSourceCMS is a fantastic site that allows you to try most open source content systems, including blogs, groupware, and portals.]