Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

A goalkeeper, a tip, and an offer

ESPN posted a great interview with American goalie Tim Howard, currently playing for Everton in the English Premier League. I know, interviews with athletes aren't usually much to talk about, and this is with a soccer player no less, but Tim is a very interesting guy with a healthy perspective. He will likely be the starting goalkeeper for the U.S. National Team moving forward.
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Jason with 37Signals offered a terrific perspective on web development. It's tempting to continue to change and redesign pages before you've released anything. "Remember, there’s always time for change later. Premature change can be a problem. Once you’re really happy with something just stay away from it. Shift your focus to other things that need your attention."

Give your work a chance to stand on its own before you move on to the next new thing.
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The Economist is a fantastic weekly magazine with a deceptively humdrum title. The writing is some of the best you'll find anywhere and each week features articles on every area of the world, as well as business, finance, science, and the arts. My favorite feature is the surveys they run in nearly every issue that examine a topic in-depth - everything from poverty to California to blogging. The perspective is British and largely mainstream, but it's fair to different points of view.

Subscriptions are quite expensive, but there is a current offer that's the best you'll find. One year for $99, with a $25 Amazon gift certificate when you order. You also get full access to the magazine and it's archives online.
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What do these three things have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing! Isn't the blogosphere great?