Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

A little slice of (DVD) heaven

This weekend was our first experience with something that will soon become commonplace - we watched a movie that Ben had seen, but Lori and I hadn't. In fact, he'd managed to see it (Cars) twice with two different friends. Next thing you know he'll be ridiculing us for being out of touch with pop culture!

But that is not the reason for this post.

See, the Cars DVD has a feature that I have dreamed about for years (when you're married and have children, these are the kinds of things you dream about). I've wanted this so badly that it was on my list of things to write about, but it always made me sound too much like a curmudgeon.

What is it? The DVD has at least 10 different extras and bonus content - and each one has the time next to it!

For example > John Lasseter's inspiration for Cars (15:47)

Please tell me other people have experienced this. You're trying to decide whether to watch a DVD extra with a simple title ("The Making of Cars", for instance), but you have no idea whether this is a 5-minute overview, a 15-minute mini-documentary, or a 60-minute Disney Channel special. The same goes for the numerous other featurettes. The length helps you decide whether to watch it and, more commonly, when to watch it.

We watch quite a few DVDs and Cars is the first I have ever seen where every single extra (including each deleted scene) displays the length next to it. Very nice -  a simple, helpful feature that makes things just a little easier.

Oh yeah, the movie is great, too.