Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

A New Pitch

Dscn4341Today was Ben's first official soccer match! The experience was Premier League all the way - 50 degrees and raining. Lori and I found ourselves missing the joys of Little League, where the games are canceled if the dew is too heavy that morning. Not soccer. Send those 9-year olds out in the cool rain for an hour in shorts and t-shirts...what's the worst that can happen?

Ben did great, specifically by doing everything that I wouldn't have done. I would never have left my comfort zone as a kid. Once I found a sport, a team, and a routine, you would have to pry me away by force. Out of nowhere, Ben decided to change sports, landing in the middle of a team and coach that has been together for years, and learn a new game from scratch.

He has worked extremely hard under difficult circumstances. His teammates have literally years of year-round experience and it shows. But Ben is completely fine with that. He is so comfortable with who he is that he just tries his best and doesn't worry about how he compares to the rest of the players. I would love to know how to do that - my life would be so much better!

His coaches and teammates have been great, welcoming him and doing extra things to help him along. This picture is in the back of the Element after his victorious hour of soccer. He was happy, soaking wet (love those waterproof seats), and looking forward to his next game. Very cool!

To celebrate his first match and great report card, we watched Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.