Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

All About Me

My son Ben is in 3rd grade and recently participated in the annual rite-of-fall experience - the All About Me presentation. Each year, the students in his class take turns sharing 10-15 things about themselves. This year's version featured a series of questions: favorite color (blue), favorite food (smoothie), favorite thing to do (read), I want to be an (architect ?) when I grow up, I love (baseball), and more. He does such a good job each year, and has so much fun doing it, that I decided I should give it a try. And what better day to write All About Me than on your 34th birthday?

Who are you?

My name is Brian Bailey. I was born and raised in Michigan, got married in Chicago, and moved to the Dallas area in 1993. Since 1995, my family and I have lived in the wonderful town of Flower Mound.

Who are Lori and Ben?

You'll find my wife Lori and son Ben making fairly regular appearances in my writing. Lori and I met in 8th grade and started dating in the spring of our junior year of high school. We dated throughout college and got married one week after graduation. Lori also works at Fellowship and is in almost every way my better. She was my first date and continues to be my first love.

Our son Bennett was born just over three years later. He's a great blend of Lori and I. After my relationship with Christ and my marriage to Lori, there's nothing in life I love more than being Ben's dad.

Where did you go to school?

After spending our freshman years apart, I joined Lori at Michigan State University and majored in Philosophy. My main reason for attending MSU (outside of the love of my life being there) was actually James Madison College, a residential college within the larger university. I spent two years within James Madison, working toward the coolest major ever named in a student handbook: Justice, Morality, and Constitutional Democracy! Though it really just meant "Political Theory", I was sure I would do anything to receive a diploma with that written on it. Unfortunately, that was not actually true; I was not willing to take two years of a foreign language (a personal achilles heal). Instead, I switched to Philosophy which was not quite as cool or interesting, but did not require anything other than my mother tongue.

Where do you work?

I have the incredible honor of serving as the Internet Manager at Fellowship Church, the 5th largest church in the country. My team and I are responsible for developing and maintaining four unique websites, as well as our internal church management solution. Fellowship is an intense, challenging, and infinitely creative organization that never loses sight of what is at stake each and every day.

I started at Fellowship over four years ago as a part-time help desk employee and have had many different technology roles throughout, each more intimidating than the last! Thankfully, I've been led by a fantastic manager each step of the way, Terry Storch. Whether its technology, managing, problem solving, or the inner core of Fellowship, I can honestly say he's taught me everything I know.

Why is this site called Leave It Behind?

Great question! You'll find the answer here.

What is the focus of this weblog? Do you speak for Fellowship Church?

Though I am a Fellowship Church employee and often write about the church, everything on this site is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before posted.

I started because I love to write and wanted the challenge of producing something on a regular basis. Over these first six months, I have resisted the desire to divide this weblog into multiple sites - one personal, one church-related, one dedicated to technology.

Why? Because I'm not divided. Each part of me impacts the other. Church, technology, family, music, and films are all part of each of my days. I don't leave church behind when I walk out of the worship center, nor do I leave work behind when I leave the office or leave my family behind when I step outside of my house.

All of these pieces are fully part of me, always, and this weblog is the thousand words attempting to describe that completed picture.