Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Amazon's Shopping Cart Problem

Amazon is easily my favorite place to shop, online or offline. I have been a loyal customer for 5+ years, mostly due to their incredible selection, better than average prices, a consistently bug-free experience, and very good customer service. In fact, I received a healthy dose of Amazon's fine customer earlier this week.

Nevertheless, for the first time since I began using, I have begun to encounter specific bugs and probelms within the site, particularly in the shopping cart area. The first problem occurred about two months ago when my saved shopping cart disappeared without cause. This was very unfortunate as the cart often serves as my running list of books to read or research in the future. In fact, the cart disappeared again less than a week later.

The problem I'm beginning to encounter again and again occurs when you save an item out of your active cart to your saved cart, or delete an item. Fairly regularly, I will receive a Page Cannot Be Displayed error message in the middle of this process, or, even more commonly, the move or deletions look to be taking affect, but when you login with a new session none or only few have actually changed. Often you can fix the problem by starting a new web browser and going throught the same steps again. Some scenarious, however, cause a problem each and every time.

Since Amazon has been so good for so long, any issue stands out. My concern is that this code has been out for over a month and I haven't notice any hints of an impending solution. Are there other people having Amazon cart problems as well? Perhaps someone from can give us an update.