Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

An antidote to cyncism

Death, Taxes and Mrs. Clinton: Only two of them are inevitable by Peggy Noonan

Yet another terrific essay. Please forgive my seemingly weekly link to Noonan's column, but her writing, and often her analysis, is simply some of the best out there. Enjoy these two quotes and then read the full piece.

First, on how the Clinton's handle any hint of scandal:

Add to that the fact that in the past decade, concurrent with the rise of new media, the Clintons perfected a new method of scandal management that starts with "These are lies spread by a partisan conspiracy," proceeds to "That's old news," and ends a few years later, when detailed books come out, with "That's rehash for cash." This strategy is not a constructive contribution to our political culture, but it has worked in the new environment. They'll teach it in political science media management courses in the future.

Then, why two, anything-can-happen races in Iowa are a good thing:

There's something that comes like relief, like a boost, when politics turns out to be surprising, when the inevitable gets evitable, when the machine is slowed. It reminds you who really runs the place, that for all our mess it still comes down to the person in the precinct walking to the caucus site on ground that crunches from the cold. Here's to surprise. It's a great antidote to cynicism.