Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Another Shout Out

As I was writing my last post,  I started thinking over the history of our websites at Fellowship and discovered an amazing fact. In December 2003, 20 months ago, the web team consisted of two developers and one designer. At that time, the team was responsible for one site ( and one campus (Grapevine).

Fast forward to today. The same team is now responsible for four sites and four campuses! Though two of the team members have changed, these guys haven taken on more and more projects with an enthusiasm and commitment to excellence that blows me away. Many of the teams and ministries at Fellowship have grown during this period to meet the incredible new demands, and we may go down that path eventually ourselves, but I couldn't be more proud of the heart, time, and passion this group has put into what we've been called to do.

So one more shout out to Jeph, Mike and Brad - you guys are making a huge impact each and every day!