Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Are you taking your vitamins?

If you're remotely involved in web development, do not miss Vitamin. The site launched earlier this month as a resource for web designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. The tagline is nourishment to help the web grow. Carson Systems is developing and driving the site and they've done a great job of getting some incredible people on board - Dave Shea, Shaun Inman, David Hansson, Dan Cederholm, Molly, Eric Meyer and, at times, Jason Fried.

One feed brings you articles, news, reviews, and interviews. There are a number of helpful sites out there, but when I first subscribed to this feed, I received almost 30 different posts, and immediately marked 20 of them to read later. Great stuff!

Visit at least once a day. Medicine never tasted so good!