Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Backpack is more fun with friends

37signals just rolled out a brand-new version of Backpack, the best way to manage your life online. You can read the full post announcing the release and covering the new features. Here's the new tour.

What's new? Backpack now supports multiple users, so if your family or small business wants to share pages, files and calendars, it's now super-easy to do. There's finally a dead simple intranet option for organizations that is different than most solutions in one critical way — it will actually get used.

If you just want to use Backpack solo, you still can. For $7/month, you get 100 pages, 1GB of storage, and SSL throughout. There is also a free account.

I've always been a big fan of Backpack, but this is a whole new thing. If you're part of organization that has always wanted a single place where staff and volunteers could share information, calendars, even reminders (including SMS), definitely give Backpack a try. I can't think of better option, especially for churches and non-profits.