Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Bailey Summer Movie Festival

We Baileys love books, but we also love watching movies. This summer, we thought we'd have fun with a weekly summer movie. Each week we'll choose a guilty movie treat - funny family films to watch with our 12-year old son that are just pure enjoyment. A few are consistent favorites, but we'd also like to include some new ones. It helps if they have a summer theme, but that's not required. What is required is that they be ridiculously entertaining.

Here's a list of movies under consideration so far. Feel free to steal a few for your own summer movie festival, but then share some of your ideas in the comments - we'd love to hear them!

What About Bob? the consummate, absolutely hilarious, summer movie
Cats and Dogs
Kicking and Screaming
Cheaper by the Dozen 2
Funny Farm
School of Rock
Back to the Future
Karate Kid
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

We usually go for comedies, but we may slip in a summer blockbuster like Transformers or Independence Day. What are we missing?