Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Birthday Boy

Yesterday, we celebrated my son Ben's 10th birthday! As fast as these years have gone, it doesn't change the incredible thrill of watching someone grow more amazing every day.

Birthdayparty His official party was on Friday and what was the theme? Our first re-run! We had so much fun with our hotel party last year that we duplicated the experience. Nearly everything was the same, including the hotel and the general plan for all 15 hours of fun. As an example of just how cool this idea is, think about feeding 5 10-year old kids at the Hampton Inn's free breakfast at 8 a.m.

New this year was the addition of a girl and a pillow fight. We were blessed once again with having the indoor pool to ourselves for over two hours, making this the cheapest private pool party rental ever. Ben was in heaven.

Our family celebration was last night. Star Wars dominated his birthday week as much as it has dominated his life over the past year. Legos, books, computer games, cards, and, yes, Star Wars Risk were all found under his birthday tree.

As I've watched Ben grow up and observed other boys, I've found that boy obsessions tend to a consistent order. See if this sounds familiar...

Matchbox cars
Star Wars

What's frightening is that I remember a very similar cycle when I was young, but I can't remember what comes after Star Wars. It isn't girls, is it?