Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Birthday season

September is always a crazy time at our house. The start of school is a big event and this year was the biggest of them all - Ben's first year in Middle School! The year is off to an incredible start so far. He loves the variety of classes and greater freedom and responsibility. The school is just a couple of years old, has great teachers, and is within walking distance of our house, so we know just how good we have it!

Just when we're starting to adjust to the new schedule, birthday season arrives - first Ben's, then mine. Ben's party this year was our favorite yet. He had a sleepover with his four best friends and they spent the night having a blast playing Wii games together. He's very selective about his friends, so it was a terrific group of kids. That was followed by a small family celebration on Sunday, where I finally gave him my favorite Threadless shirt.

And today is my birthday! Thanks to everyone who has sent birthday wishes via email and Facebook. It's been a great day, but that's just the beginning. We tend to spread our birthdays out as long as possible, so there are a lot of things just around the corner, starting with The Office premier on Thursday.

All of this leads us into what may be my favorite month - October. The weather finally cools off, things slow down a bit, the baseball playoffs start, and we start looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I love fall!

This September has been an especially eventual one, though. Look for more on that soon!