Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Blog by numbers

As always seems to happen, this blog recently passed a couple of different milestones at the same time. This past weekend, passed 600 posts, 800 comments, and 100,000 page views. Thanks again for making this so much fun. I love to write, but it's a true pleasure to hear the thoughts and opinions of so many people that I respect.

About two weeks ago, my FeedBurner subscription hit also 400 for the first time, but that turned out to be a tease. That total, however, does not include the 100+ subscribers to the original Typepad feed. If you use a newsreader, I'd appreciate if you'd double-check what you're subscribed to and switch to the address. Every person who switches will receive a wave of positive energy and be entered in a contest to win a guest appearance on next season's premier of Arrested Development! Just leave a comment and you'll be automatically included in the drawing.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.