Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Blog Power

I love to see the search results the bring people to this blog. I search for information constantly and know well the joy of finding exactly what I was looking for and the frustration when every link is a dead end. For instance, you'd be surprised at how often people search for information about sleepovers. The person I felt the most sorry for was the one who was looking for "gifts for political science majors" and ended up here.

One simple blog rule is that the title of your post matters a lot. If the title of your post matches a common search phrase, people will find your site on a regular basis. Now, I honestly have no desire for this kind of traffic; I'm not tracking eyeballs, running Adwords or anything. The number of readers I have matters a lot to me; the number of visitors not so much. However, I do want search engine tourists to enjoy their stay and find what they're looking for.

I noticed a large amount of Google tourists recently and discovered that a lot of people are searching for "west wing cancelled". You guessed it - that was the exact title of my recent post on the subject.

Here's where the power of a blog amazes me, though. If you search Google for "west wing cancelled" right now, this rather small blog is the number one result, above MSNBC,, CNN, and Ain't It Cool News. Sometimes, it's good to be reminded just how much the world of journalism and media has changed.

Quick side note: It turns out the cancelled can legitimately be spelled with 1 or 2 l's, so those who search for "west wing canceled" will never see my post!