Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Blogging for Dollars

The Economist on Blogging: Going Pro

Interesting piece in The Economist on the latest wave of professional bloggers and online publishing empires (Scoble calls them content malls). They cover many of the usual suspects.

What they don't point out is that nearly every financially successful blogger spent years pouring themselves into blogging because they were passionate about blogging and what they were blogging about. There was a lot of sacrifice and risktaking. The financial rewards are the result of that hard work. Most of these bloggers would tell you that the last thing they were thinking of when they started blogging was money.

Very few people will every make a living from blogging. Similarly, there are less than 500 players in the NBA. That fact doesn't stop anyone from shooting baskets on the weekend.

Be who you are, respect your audience, give credit where credit is due, and let your blog be what it is.

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