Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Blogging for Jesus

Just thought I would pass along a link to my favorite blogging pastor of late, Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in North Carolina. I first learned of Steven from Tadd Grandstaff, and then Steven came to C3 this weekend. If I had come across him earlier, I definitely would have included Steven in the book.

Elevation is just a year old and already reaching over 1,200 people each weekend. If you read his blog, you'll get an idea of why. Steven is 100% sold-out to Christ and the vision he's been given for Elevation. He is over-the-top passionate, funny and unwilling to be distracted from the only thing that matters - reaching the lost. I can't imagine how someone could read his blog for a week and not want to check out the church. The energy, joy, and honesty is infectious. And more than anything, Steven promotes Jesus, not himself.

Here are some of my favorite posts...

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