Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Bloomberg follow-up

Here's the latest on Mike Bloomberg's exploration of a presidential run.

According to this ABC News piece, Bloomberg has four criteria for deciding whether to get into the race next year. Changing his party affiliation now is a step to make sure all options are available in the future.

First, both party's nominees need to have unfavorable ratings at least in the 40s. Second, 70 percent of the nation needs to think the country is headed in the wrong direction, as is the case currently. We're there right now. Third, at least 60 percent of those polled need to have their minds open to a possible third-party bid. Lastly, 20 percent to 25 percent need to be open to the notion of President Mike Bloomberg. If those four criteria are met, Bloomberg will throw his hat into the ring.

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Bloomberg held a press conference today in New York and did such a good job denying he was considering running that some of the press have backed away.

But it still seems a bit strange for a mayor with no future political plans to be purchasing Google AdWords to assure that his website shows up first in any search for "Mike Bloomberg". How about you?