Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Boy Weekend

This weekend has been a wonderful time with Ben. Lori is off on an annual excursion with friends, so Ben and I are on are own. We worked on his weblog (more on that later), played tennis at his school, watched more tennis that I would've guessed he'd enjoy, and did a lot of reading. A friend of his came over after church on Saturday and we had a night filled with games, including our current favorite, Clue. After winning two games in a row decisively, I began to question whether that was the proper parental approach - win at all costs! It is so strange to play games with your child that you fully remember playing at the same age. It's almost as if Ben's the brother I also wished I had to play with, only 25 years late!

Family trips are terrific, and couple trips a requirement, but I highly recommend that dad's in particular have some extended alone times with your kids. You learn a lot about them, they learn a lot about you, and mom is deservedly relaxed and refreshed.