Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Boys of Spring

Ben's baseball season (his fifth!) officially came to a close this weekend. Thursday night was the playoff game to determine who would play in the championship game. It was a great game, filled with tense moments, close calls, and missed opportunities. Ben's Angels came up just short, losing by four runs. Ben played a really good game, including fielding a smash at third base and stepping on the bag for an out. His key play of the season, though, came in the last inning.

In his previous at bat, Ben had struck out with two men (boys?) on and we started to wonder if he was finally feeling a little pressure. Well if he was, he could not have been prepared for his next at bat. It came in the last inning, his team down by five, two boys on base, and two outs! As if that wasn't enough, after a few pitches, he actually had two strikes as well. Lori and I were literally holding our breath as we imagined Ben making the last out of the season. Instead, on the very next pitch, he hit a line drive right down the third-base line, nearly to the fence! One run scored and he ended up on second with only the third double of his life! It was really amazing and we couldn't have been more proud. Unfortunately, the next play was a very close out at first base and the game and season were over, but Ben and his team handled themselves very well and did not take the loss too hard.

After the game we went to Sonic for ice cream. On Friday night, we had a pool party along with the trophy presentations. It's always sad to see a season come to a close. Saturday was the championship game and Ben greatly impressed me in wanting to go. We were able to stay for just over half of it and had a wonderful time watching a Little League game together for once. Today, we actually did a bit of pitching practice as next season the kids pitch for the first time.