Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Cast in a Podcast

Thanks to Steve Holden, I've made my first appearance in a podcast. Within his post, you'll find a link to a MP3 recording featuring a great deal of interesting technology discussion, and some cool music as well. Steve is kind enough to mention Leave It Behind early in his podcast. Thanks, Steve!

What is a podcast? Essentially, a podcast is an audio weblog post. The world of podcasting has exploded in the last month, as people begin to experiment with another form of online communication. Some podcasts feature conversations, others music, and others simple commentary. As weblogs have allowed each person to be his or her own publisher, podcasting offers everyone the ability to be his or her own radio station.

The next piece of the puzzle is the ability to have these broadcasts delivered to you through the same syndication tools that bring you the latest weblog posts. Once these files are synced with iTunes, your iPod is filled with customized programming every day.

Visit Engadget for a thorough podcasting introduction and how-to.