Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Christmas in January

Think Secret has posted two batches of Macworld San Francisco reports, one interesting, one stunning. First, Steve Jobs' January keynote should feature the debut of iLife '05, with significant upgrades to nearly the entire suite, especially iMovie and GarageBand. The debut should also include the long-awaited upgrade to Keynote, the Mac-only presentation software.

More importantly, Think Secret is reporting that January will feature a sub-$500 G4 Macintosh, available without a monitor! Designed to appeal to PC iPod users looking to experiment with the Mac platform, the unit will be small and feature middle-of-the-road performance. This will open up the world of Apple to another group of users who are put off by the base entry price and who would like to purchase a Mac while using an existing monitor.

If the Expo features a flash-based iPod as well, this could be an about-face Macworld for Apple.

[Reminder: though I trust Think Secret more than any other Mac rumor site, all of this remains, at this point, rumor only.]