Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Church Websites Compared

For those of us who serve in a church technology position, particularly web-related, here is an interesting read:
Ranking the Big Church Websites. An ambitious individual has set out to review and rate the websites of the 100 fastest growing churches in America. Less than 10 have been reviewed so far, but Fellowship Church is one of them and is currently the highest rated site. Much appreciated!

In addition to a number of very kind comments, the review mentions a couple of criticisms that I'll be happy to address.

1. An overwhelming amount of information on the homepage

We hear this once in awhile, and it's a fair point, but let me assure you that most of our ministries only wish there was more promotional space on the site! My sense is that the homepage design allows us to promote a decent percentage of the many programs and opportunities at the church, while at the same time allowing us to emphasize the main things; the weekend service and small groups.

2. The Free Gift link on the homepage amounts to trickery

Somewhat fair, but you would be amazed at how popular that feature is, and how many positive comments we receive on it. Our mission is to reach the lost and we explore innumerable avenues to achieve that.

3. A lack of browser compatibility

Guilty as charged. We've been working on addressing this over the last month.

One minor correction, the review describes our color scheme that is actually not permanent, but designed to match the look of our current series. If you visit again in a couple of weeks, you will find an entirely different look.

Thanks to Jon Edmiston of Christ's Church of the Valley for the link.

Note: For those just joining the conversation, I am the Internet Technology Manager at Fellowship Church. Everything here, though, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before it is posted.