Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Coming Soon from 37signals

Jason has dropped the first hint of the next new app from 37signals: Campfire. As you'd expect, there a lot of people guessing what it is, but no one knows for sure. I do think they've done a great job of developing a very nice theme with their product names: Basecamp, Backpack, and now, Campfire.

Here's a funny thing about the name Campfire. A couple of years ago, Dave Winer was developing his outlining/weblog tool which would become Radio Userland. Many of the initial betas involved playing and organizing music, along with the writing and posting elements that later became the focus. Dave asked for name suggestions and since I love to name things, I sent him the best one I could think of - yes, Campfire. I even had a tag line: A place for playing music and sharing stories.

I can't wait to see how 37signals is going to use the name - it's perfect for a web app. My guess is that Campfire is a wiki tool that can be open to anyone, but is really designed for private group communication. They have said many times that they build tools to meet their own needs, and with a team spread out across the country, an easy way to communicate and brainstorm would seem to be a great help.