Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Don't Panic

Panic is a small software company that develops some great apps for the Macintosh. One such app was Audion, an early MP3 player. The company recently decided to retire Audion and focus on other projects with greater potential than a one-sided competition with iTunes.

Rather than just remove Audion and act as if it never existed, they are making the last version available for free. The best part is they took the time to write the wonderful story of Audion, from the beginning in 1999, through some encounters with Apple and a rare meeting with Steve Jobs, through its eventual retirement. The story is a terrific behind-the-scenes look at software development, complete with numerous risks, missteps, and grand successes. Panic's love of the Mac, software, and independence shines throughout. It's clear that what they do is more important than each success or failure. The story is a great read.