Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


On Monday morning, I emailed the manuscript for The Blogging Church to Jossey-Bass! Lori, Ben and I all gathered around the computer for the momentous click. Those two have been absolutely incredible throughout - there definitely wouldn't be a book without them.

The last month has been quite an experience. I've been writing nearly every waking moment that I wasn't working or eating. Most of it was a lot of fun as I do better when I have no choice but to focus on one thing. In many cases, I ended up writing more in a day than I used to write in a week, leading me to wonder what I've been doing for the past year :)

At least I wondered that until I totally hit a creative wall at the very end. That's when I doubted I would ever put coherent words together to form a sentence again! I was also surprised at how long the editing and formatting part took after the last words were written. I wish I had had about 2 weeks to do that, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of looks at it before everything is final.

The final word count was 63,298 over 16 chapters, 7 interviews, and 1 preface. Word count is something I knew nothing about before this book, so here's a little background. The average paperback has 250 words per page and the average hardcover has 300. The Blogging Church is going to be published in paperback, so the current version would be approximately 250 pages. To give some examples, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is 37K words, To Kill a Mockingbird is 100K, Harry Potter books are between 150K and 250K words, and the New Testament is 138K.

What's fascinating about the book process is that each step is something completely different. The proposal/contract process had little similarity with the last 9 months of writing, and next comes a few weeks of editing and revision, followed by the marketing fun of finalizing the cover and promotional details.

And just in case any of you might still be wondering if this whole thing is just vaper-paper, here's the (Currently Not Available) book, live on!