Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Double Decker

Sam Decker at Decker Marketing is producing so much great holiday content, it's hard to keep up with. Here are two terrific reads.

The Magic of Anticipation

Decker realizes that the wonderful feeling on Christmas morning is anticipation, and it just happens to be the same emotion that drives the enteprenuer from new project to new project. I think you could fill an entire book on this single word. What is it that keeps Mac users so initimately tied to Apple? Anticipation. Apple has mastered the art of building wave after wave of anticipation - a constant sense of "What's next?"

What is it that keeps people coming back to Fellowship Church every weekend? Anticipation. You never know what to expect when you sit down and you don't want to miss a single weekend. There are so many factors of every kind that places a person in your church, but the second they lose anticipation, the second they know exactly what to expect and have no sense of curiousity, is the second they start imagining other things they could be doing with their Saturday night or Sunday morning.

12 Areas Where You Can Say "No"

I thought I was reading a Fellowship post when I came across this. We talk constantly as a staff about how what you are not doing is just as important as what you are doing. Don't just tell me what you're adding, tell me what you are subtracting.

I loved Number 6: What will you remove from your website? We are constantly looking at areas of the site that are no longer used or take our developers away from our core mission.