Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Double the Fun

What a night for Ben! During his 4th baseball game of the season, which his team won to move their record to 4-0, Ben hit the first official double of his career! His coach worked with him before the last game to help his swing, and he really took it to heart. He hit it hard down the left field line and Lori and I were praying that the first base coach would send him to second and he did! I thanked him later and he said the look on Ben's face when he motioned to go for second was priceless.

After the game, Coach Miles singled Ben out for the hit, revealed that it nearly reached the fence (which we didn't know because we were so focused on him), and then, gave him the game ball, which he signed and dated!

To celebrate, we watched the first 2 innings of the Ranger's opener, and promised him a special dessert whenever he wants. Very, very cool.