Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


The fifth element of COFFEE Design is Easy.

How is Easy different from Friendly? Easy is about making things simple; Friendly is about making people smile.

Of course, there is a lot of overlap between the two, but something can definitely be one without being the other.

Something is easy if someone can get what they want quickly and without thinking twice. Is the navigation intuitive? Do you use names and terms that a first-time visitor to your site can understand? Is there a lot of similarity in your menus that cause the person to guess where to click?

Are your pages consistent? Is the Next, Submit, or Register button always in a familiar location? Are your buttons and text easy to read, easy to locate, and easy to click? Do you have a lot of extra text that stands in the way of someone getting the information they want?

If you want to find out if your site is easy, just watch someone use it for the first time. At Fellowship Church, we have computer kiosks in our atrium for people to use. During a recent weekend service, one of our designers had the opportunity to do just that.

As Jeph watched a middle-aged woman click through the site, he could see the confusion and frustration growing on her face. She clicked on things only to find that it wasn't what she was looking for due to confusing verbiage. She seemed overwhelmed by the amount of information, when all she wanted was the basics.

This week, we started our redesign of We can't wait to roll out our new site and put these principles into action. We've been very pleased with our first two sites, but we want to truly serve seekers and build believers in a brand-new way.