Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Earlier today, Fellowship Church launched a brand-new website:!

This site serves the radio and television ministry which reaches people across the country. View the broadcast schedule, click your state, and find out when Ed is on in your area, including the USA Network. Corresponding with the site launch, the television show debuts a fantastic new look this weekend with the series In the Zone, on what it means to live a blessed life. Well worth checking out.

My team did a fantastic job pulling this off, only nine weeks after our last site launch. We were actually able to release it while the sun was still out and with few significant issues, which those of you in the web world know is somewhat atypical.

My recent inquires about e-commerce solutions were focused on creating a new store for this site. For now, we are continuing to use the existing one (a Creative Connection site existed prior to this release) while we choose the best option and begin implementation.

Feel free to offer any feedback. I have every confidence that the site will have a number of changes by next week!