Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Estimated Profit

Today I had the privilege of meeting with Josh Williams, the talented guy who started Firewheel Design. Firewheel is a cool web design and development shop located just 15 minutes from Fellowship. In addition to client work, the team is responsible for iconbuffet, the definitive source for first-class icons, and Blinksale, a fantastic online invoicing solution for design shops, freelancers, and small businesses.

Josh is contributing a piece to The Blogging Church, which started our latest back and forth. Today's conversation was focused on web development, though. It was immensely helpful to hear how the Firewheel team is structured and learn more about their development approach. I admire Josh and Firewheel a lot - they are passionate and principled in what they do, but also have a healthy perspective on the big picture.

Oh yeah, and the guy can write, too. In addition to answering my questions and taking a look at some of our work in progress, he also managed to provide nearly 300 words of book goodness. Thanks, Josh!

Update: Check out this interview with Josh on Godbit.

One of my favorite parts of blogging is choosing the title of a post. I take what I call the Dennis Miller approach - a man who loves the obscure connections between arcane pieces of information. I'm particularly proud of this one as there are two cryptic things buried in those two words. As Dennis says, "Stop me before I sub-reference again!"

If you can guess them both, I will be extremely impressed and you will receive a gold star for the day. No, seriously, I have gold stars in my drawer. Ask around.