Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

everything is not funny

Today, I am finally ready to announce a new weblog dedicated to my father's poetry. At the time of his passing, his over twenty years of writing were turned over to me. I spent a lot of time organizing thousands of poems, but have, unfortunately, done very little to make them available to others. At last, there is a new site, everything is not funny, that will provide a daily outlet for his work.

And what of the title? As I've mentioned before, I love to think of titles, and my father made this process especially fun as he loved to play with words. This phrase, everything is not funny, was always one of my favorites. He would usually say it to me when I was thoroughly enjoying some hilarious remark I had made, ideally at his expense. With full deadpan expression, he would look at me and say, "Brian, everything is not funny."

So please enjoy the poetry of John Andrew Bailey. The site begins on April 1, 2004, so be sure to start from the beginning.