Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Fast Food

Today marks the end of our 21-day fast! The fast was the focal point of the new year at our church, as part of the series Larger Than Life. The focus of the fast was turning our hunger toward God and as someone who had never fasted, I've been truly amazed at the experience. The fast was essentially a vegan diet focused on fruits and vegetables, while avoiding meat, caffeine, dairy, wheat, sugar, and processed foods in general.

Throughout the fast, I had a completely unfair advantage in being married to Lori, an incredible cook who knows how to make healthy food taste great. She was very creative throughout and really shouldered a huge burden as she researched recipes, shopped at new stores, and found innumerable uses for oats. I think the biggest sacrifices for her were coffee and chocolate. The thing I missed the most was, funny enough, cereal!

Ben participated by having no meat or fast food, and he did a great job trying new foods. This is also the first series where he's attended each service with us (sometimes in addition to his children's service). It's been very interesting to share that and discuss the messages afterwards.

I discovered through the fast that food is a distraction and a crutch even for someone as seemingly uninterested in food as me. It was good to break some habits and use that time to focus on, and more importantly, listen to God. I love to build a wall of to-do's and general busyness to protect myself from things both hard and eternal.

It's been a terrific way to start the year. I'm so thankful to be part of a church that never ceases to challenge us to push forward, go deeper, get uncomfortable, and reach out.

One of the highlights of these 21 days for me has been our pastor's video webcasts. You can check them out here - make sure you start at the beginning to get the full experience. The final one, with just 24 hours left in the fast, is an absolute classic.

Lori has also been sharing her thoughts on the fast in three great posts - read one, two, and three.

Tomorrow morning? Coffee cake and vanilla chai!