Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

FC Interviews

We've added a new addition to the Fellowship Church Blog: staff interviews! I've had the privilege of talking with two incredible leaders of FC, Terry Storch and Owen Goff.

Most of you know Terry quite well from his excellent blog, but I think you'll learn some interesting things. The second interview with Owen was an awesome experience. Owen has been with Fellowship from the very first day. In fact, he was on the original pastor search committee that brought Ed Young to Fellowship. I learned so much from him about the first 15 years of this unbelievable story.

As any organization grows, whether a corporate start-up or church, it is so difficult to retain that original passion. It gets harder and harder to see what has happened through the eyes of the people who started it all. These interviews have already helped me get a better sense of where we've come from, and what it took to get here.