Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Featured Blog on TypePad

Leave It Behind was chosen as today's featured blog on TypePad! Each day, the site highlights a blog to show the many creative uses of TypePad.

It's a true pleasure to be picked as I'm Typepad_featuredapproaching my third year with TypePad. I've definitely developed a loyalty for the service, though there are good alternatives that are often cheaper. I don't always agree with their direction and there are periodic issues, but it is a polished, well-done and reliable blogging service. Besides being a great tool, the one thing that sets them apart from anyone else is their customer service. They have some seriously smart and kind people working for them. When I have a question or encounter a bug, I know I'll receive an intelligent, thorough, and friendly response. They are sincere in their desire to resolve any issue and really listen to their customers.

I've experimented with all the major options and at the end of the day, I always come back to TypePad. If you haven't started blogging or are looking for a more powerful option, give TypePad a try. You won't be disappointed.