Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Feed Me

After this convincing endorsement by the talented people at 37Signals, I've decided to convert my weblog RSS feed to FeedBurner. For those of you who read Leave It Behind in your web browser, you can skip the rest of this post.

For those of you who use a newsreader, however, please update your subscription URL to the new location:

You can also access the feed through the link on the front page.

Why the change? FeedBurner answers the great unanswered questions of weblog syndication: How many people subscribe to my feed? How many times are my feeds read? Which posts are more read than others?

Not only will I enjoy the data FeedBurner provides, but it's an essential experiment if we are to ever syndicate our content through RSS. Organizations that are trained to expect subscription and click-through stats from e-newsletters will expect the same information from syndicated feeds.

After I've accumulated a fair amount of data and experimented more with the tool, I'll share my findings.